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Community Programs

The La Palma PA is passionate about our community! Here are just a few ways we work to give back to our community;

Korean Citizen's AcademyKorean LPPA

In 2006, the Police Department modified the already established Citizen's Police Academy by beginning to teach in the Korean language. The Academy covers various topics, ranging from the law enforcement profession in general, to a vertical view of how crimes are reported, investigated, and prosecuted in court. -Read More

Neighborhood VisitsNeighborhood Visits LPPA

The La Palma Police Department is committed to continually working on partnering with the community through many different outreach events. As a part of this community outreach, the La Palma Police Department’s Mobile Command Post will be deployed somewhere each month in the City. - Read More

Police Interaction with Youth (PIY)PIY LPPA

The Police Interaction with Youth (PIY) program was designed by the La Palma Police Department as a decision-making program to educate sixth graders about laws that are relevant to their age, such as bicycle helmets, riding scooters, and truancy. - Read More


9-1-1 for Kids

The La Palma Police Department has implemented a 9-1-1 for Kids program. This program is designed for kindergarten and first grade students to learn when, why, and how they initiate an emergency 9-1-1 call. Taught by a dispatcher, the program is presented at each of our three elementary schools. - Read More